Allison White
life coach
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In these unique workshops, Allison teams up with her friend and colleague, Amy Budden, a certified hypnotherapist. As the yin to Allison's yang, Amy takes clients into a relaxed state of focused concentration. By enabling them to relax without distraction, they can take in Allison's techniques toward the highest state of self-acceptance while they are in a deep "Theta" state. This not only helps clients to better retain the information, but it has been scientifically proven to change brain wave activity in incredibly positive ways.  Allison and Amy work with businesses and private groups to tailor-make the perfect salon for you.
For businesses, topics often include:
-job performance
-untapped potential
-pushing past ego
For in-home salons:
- procrastination
- balance
- reinvention
- self care
Unblock the path to the highest version of yourself and schedule a salon today.
5-person minimum.
One on one hour-long sessions that are unlike talk therapy in that the approach is less about how you feel, and more about what actions you take. The relationship between coach and client is also a less formal one. Allison is available via text or phone anytime in between appointments.
This 3-hour intensive with Allison addresses every aspect in your life.
Together you will take a look at your personal inventory 
(everything from the clothes taking too much space in your closet to the
people taking too much space in your head).
She will equip you with the tools to shift energy,
redirect stress, and get out of your comfort zone.
For the month that follows,
there will be weekly 30-minute check-in phone sessions
to make sure you stay on track.