allison white
creative life coach

private sessions

Allison has offices in both Pacific Palisades and West LA but works with out of town clients via Skype and Facetime. Between sessions, she keeps in touch with clients via email/text in order to create momentum and provide consistent support to help them achieve a state of flow and  a sense of forward motion throughout their daily lives. 

in-home salon

Get a group of friends together to  support each other energetically and connect in a productive and relaxing environment.
Allison will come to your home with a certified hypnotherapist and facilitate the work you are interested in exploring as well as provide the tools to help reach desired outcomes. This will be followed by a hypnotherapist taking you into a relaxed state of focused concentration at which point Allison will empower you to push past obstacles and into a state of flow and potent self-acceptance.   

corporate makeover

In today's work climate, it is more important than ever to create a productive and communicative professional space. Through team building exercises, coaching sessions with the senior executives, and individual conversations, I will help open communication between teams, departments, and throughout the company as a whole.

Workshops can be tailored to accomodate any size company and any type of schedule. 

There is a proven correlation between morale and productivity. This coaching will show results in both.